How it works

Food Ladder is an Australian-based, international not-for-profit (NFP) working to address food security. Using environmentally sustainable, climate controlled greenhouses and food growing technology, a Food Ladder social enterprise produces commercial quantities of vegetables for sale and employment opportunities for local people. We have appropriated the technology used to grow food commercially, and made it accessible to those living in poverty or suffering from malnutrition at a scale which creates local enterprise, one community at a time. As a NFP Food Ladder does not seek to own any assets, but rather each social enterprise is transitioned over to full community ownership.

Food Ladder’s systems and technology can be implemented virtually anywhere in the world, evidenced by the rollout of Food Ladder systems on the rooftops of village schools throughout India, feeding over 4,000 students, through to the remote homeland communities in the most remote parts of the Northern Territory in Australia.

Food Ladder believes that sustainable social enterprise development only works if the communities it partners with have the desire to become economically self sufficient. Strong community collaboration and self determination is a prerequisite to any Food Ladder project.