Why we exist

Food Ladder is the world’s first social business to use hydroponic greenhouses and environmentally sustainable technologies to create food and economic security for communities otherwise reliant on aid and affected by poverty.

The award winning Australian-based social business is working locally and internationally to address the worsening food security crisis using proven and scalable technologies to provide nutrient-rich produce.

Food Ladder works with on-ground partners including Australia’s preeminent Universities, local Council’s and remote community leaders in order to maintain a light touch approach and to ensure that each project is self sustaining and has strong local ownership and accountability.

Internationally Food Ladder is proudly supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) Direct Aid Program and has been funded by the Indian Government.

Reports and further reading.

Early childhood nutrition importance

Food Ladder’s Impact on the Nutrition and Health of Indigenous Australians Living in Remote Communities