Education and Training

We have made a one stop shop so that you can grow your own local, healthy and nutritious food. The food and wellbeing education resources focus on everything food; from planting your first seeds, to recipes and creating a food business.

The resources have been developed for teachers, students and gardeners who want to learn about growing and using healthy food.

Food curriculum and education resources

Our in class food and wellbeing education resources are aligned to the Australian primary and secondary school curriculum.

Australian maths curriculum
  • Australian Maths Curriculum
  • NSW Maths Curriculum
  • K-6 Maths
  • K-10 Maths
Food and wellbeing education and curriculum
  • Food Technology
  • In class recipes
  • Food & Wellbeing
  • Food & Nutrition
STEM and science curriculum
  • Australian Science Curriculum
  • Science inquiry skills
  • K-6 Science
  • K-10 Science
Food and wellbeing education Australian sustainability curriculum
  • Australian Sustainability Curriculum
  • Sustainable Schools
  • Food Systems
Food and wellbeing education
Design and Technologies
  • Australian Agriculture Curriculum
  • Agribusiness Curriculum
  • Design and Technologies
  • Agricultural Technology
Food and wellbeing education Kitchen garden, school garden
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Gardening Activities
  • School garden
  • Food Curriculum

Our aim is to save teachers and everyone time and provide valuable resources that can be downloaded and used directly in class.

Food Ladder Platform Features

Food ladder online platform
  • Friends
  • Followers

Food ladder online platform
  • School Network
  • Gardening Network

Food ladder online platform
  • Collaborative Groups
  • School community
Hydroponic Resources
  • Gardening Solutions
  • Hydroponic Resources

Food ladder online platform
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Direct Messaging
Learning resources
  • Ask questions
  • Learn from each other