Food Ladder/Resimac partnership profiled on Australian Broker

A non-bank mortgage provider has partnered with a not-for-profit group which uses environmentally sustainable technologies to create food and economic security for remote communities.

Food Ladder has operations in Australia, India and Uganda and provides custom-designed hydroponic systems and associated education and training programs to supply year-round access to commercial quantities of fresh, affordable produce.

Resimac decided to support the organisation because of the alignment of its new brand positioning and the purpose of Food Ladder.

Resimac joint CEO Scott McWilliam also said it was down to a desire of its employees to support the under-privileged in meaningful ways.

The new Resimac brand was launched earlier this month following the merger of the Homeloans and RESIMAC Limited brands.

McWilliam said Resimac aspires to be seen as an innovator that embraces service and technology to help customers fulfil the dream of owning a home.

“Similarly, Food Ladder uses technology to provide solutions to basic human needs of food and economic security,” he added.

“We know that as one of the most philanthropic nations on Earth, it is important to most Australians to support underprivileged communities. By supporting Food Ladder Resimac is pleased to be able to help make this desire a reality.”

Food Ladder CEO Kelly McJannett said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Resimac, an organisation that shares our mission to innovate, embrace technology and leave the world better than how we found it, whether it be through economic or food security.

“The support from Resimac is much more than a monetary contribution. It is a partnership commitment which embraces the talents of Resimac’s staff and will help us transform the lives of those most in need through Food Ladder programs here in Australia and overseas,” she concluded.

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