Food Ladder partners with ICM to expand its international reach

Food Ladder partners with ICM to expand its international reach and announces first school deployment in India

International NGO, Food Ladder is proud to announce its partnership with ICM Group which will support its rollout and expansion throughout India and priority countries in the developing world. The partnership falls within ICM’s Corporate Social Responsibility mandate to provide scalable, low-cost and high impact solutions that ensure financial sustainability and multi-faceted positive outcomes to disadvantaged communities.

“We understand Food Ladder’s underlying driver to run as a global, economically sustainable venture and will invest to accelerate the breakeven point in the social business,” Charles Jillings, ICM Chief Executive said. “Food Ladder brings together a number of critical solutions for poverty alleviation using innovation and good business acumen.”

Food Ladder uses commercial hydroponic technology and custom designed greenhouses to deliver highly replicable, food security solutions and is currently ramping up its rollout in India through a distribution model which prioritises schools.

“In a country were malnutrition effects 1 in every 3 children, we have found a way to deliver high yields of fresh, locally grown produce to those who need it the most and empower the community with a sustainable social enterprise in the process,” Kelly McJannett, Food Ladder CEO said. “ICM is helping us get on with the monumental job at hand.”

Sri Sant Vinobha Bhave Inter College, Baidpura village, Delhi is the first school to benefit from an ICM sponsored deployment. Construction of the Food Ladder system is currently underway at the school of 1600 children and will be completed by the end of March 2016.

“This project provides an immense opportunity to educate the children, teachers and the local community about food security, hydroponic technology, nutrition as well as the different types of crops and their uses. Not only are we educating those at Baidpura village on the practical side of things, but we are integrating Food Ladder into the school curriculum so that the children can take what they have learnt into their future,” Hamish Dowell, Food Ladder India Manager said.

Dowell also noted “This is a huge opportunity for this school to get a global profile as a pioneer in innovation and food security in India. Food Ladder is extremely excited to be able to provide this opportunity to such an enthusiastic group of kids, teachers and staff at Sri Sant Vinobha Inter College.”

Since its inception Food Ladder has created 10 social enterprises internationally that have generated over 400 jobs for people previously suffering from extreme disadvantage and poverty. Food Ladder has been independently evaluated by Social Ventures Australia and found to deliver $4.59 in lasting social value for every $1 invested.

With Food Ladder systems being five times more productive than traditional farming methods, the NGO has its sights set on developing presence in African nations as well as Asia and the Pacific.

For more information, contact Food Ladder CEO Kelly McJannett on + 61 412 620 871 or email [email protected].