Katherine Times readers share their thoughts about Food Ladder

IN RELATION to the editorial in the July 8 Katherine Times (“Food security present some serious food for thought”), why hasn’t anyone come up with this terrific idea in Katherine – or anywhere else, for that matter – sooner?

We live in a place where rain does not fall for the best part of six months, and the other six months presents us with weather conditions that could cut roads and isolate communities for weeks.

In other parts of our country, nothing will presently grow because the heavens have not opened up for years on end – crops are withering and sheep and cattle are being shot in the paddock to save them from starving to death.

How can anyone honestly say food security is not already a major problem in Australia?

I agree with your editor that governments need to be looking at ways to make communities self-reliant for food, rather than trying to develop, as they currently are, the whole of northern Australia to great fanfare.

It might not be glamorous or create head- lines across the country, but it has more potential to address food security than any of the plans currently being spruiked by our politicians.

The ladies from the Katherine Women’s Organic Association and the other stake- holders involved with the community garden project should be applauded for their passion and thinking, and I wish them every success.