Meet Taryn Kruger, one of our partners at the Katherine Food Ladder

Hi there, my name is Taryn Kruger. I am the chairperson for Katherine Indigenous Woman’s Association (KIWA). I have been working on the Yilk-Amak farm since its inception. I was born in Alice Springs, as a “caterpillar child” where my mothers family lives. Alice Springs is really where my heart as it’s where my family is and also my clan tribes are including: Marrithiyel (Daly River), Gurindji (Lajamanu), Kadatj/Western Arrernte (Central Australia), Garawa (Robinson River, Borroloola). We moved to Katherine to be close to my father’s family and it has a lot of heritage for my family and I now call it home, no matter what.

Before I started working on the Yilk Amak farm I was looking for work and also striving to start a project that would be beneficial for people and their health in this community.

I have a huge interest in this project since its inception at the beginning of the year and Food Ladder, as their system allows to grow sufficient produce that is nutritious and accessible. KIWA’s vision and aim for this garden was in need of a structure and an established organisation that was able to produce the structure to grow healthy, sustainable veggies, fruits and herbs.

This project is hugely new and exciting to me and everyone that is apart of the Katherine community. Hydroponics is an environmentally sustainable way of growing produce without impacting the land. This project has proven that you can also use old ways of gardening and using recyclable material to grow produce.

I intend to work hard as part of the KIWA group alongside Food Ladder to continue to produce healthy fruit and veg and provide it to local businesses and consumers. Education on food security and healthy eating is a big issue in Katherine, as well at the Northern Territory. Our goal is to get closer and closer to complete environmental sustainability. We are constantly being impacted by different changes in our environment, so therefore protecting our future is not just an importance, it is a necessity. A chemically raised family is just not on!

I will be here at the farm when it is finished and is producing healthy produce. Education on Food Security and healthy eating is a big issue in Katherine as well as the Northern Territory. I wouldn’t mind heading towards environmental sustainability.  Changes in the environment very much  interests me, protecting the future for our generation is purely a necessity, chemically raised family is not on!

The people of Katherine are going to be amazed on how fresh, tasty and nutritious the produce is that comes from this farm. It is so amazing that we are able to have this fresh produce in our hometown of Katherine. This can only have a positive impact, boosting body levels to the grade that your body needs to operate at your best ability daily (not that we are robots but hey, even they need to be oiled). Precious volumes of vitamins and minerals are what our body needs to tackle those health issues that are so prevalent and among all of us.