Minter Ellison votes Food Ladder most ‘innovative and inspirational’ idea

Food Ladder’s Director, Kelly McJannett, was invited to speak at prestigious Sydney law firm Minter Ellison last night, along with 2 others candidates, to present the organisation’s work where upon the most innovative and inspirational speaker was voted on by the firm and awarded a cash donation to the winning organisation.

Kelly delivered a presentation outlining the culminating effects of climate change, poverty and malnutrition and discussed why Food Ladder was focussed on empowering impoverished women, specifically, to run its food security solutions and social enterprises.

Kelly also outlined the critical role women in the third world play in improving the health of their children and families – as they bare the responsibility of cooking meals for their families – Kelly stressed the need for high nutrient produce to be distributed directly to women.

Kelly was announced the winner on the evening and received the prize of a cash donation to Food Ladder from Minter Ellison. Food Ladder would like to thank the firm for its support.