Organic market garden is a ladder up for those living below the poverty line.

Food Ladder is a social enterprise that uses a state of the art greenhouse technology and a workforce of homeless people and refugees who are remunerated for growing organic fruit and vegetables for the sale to the broader community.

The brainchild of parent organisation, Fair Business, Food Ladder is the latest in a string of innovative projects designed to empower the disadvantaged in sustainable business opportunities.

Responding to the ever-growing demand for organic fruit and vegetables, Fair Business is collaborating with like-minded community organisations that are concerned for the welfare of marginalised groups to increase their participation in engaging and meaningful activities, provide support and much needed pay for the produce they generate.

Fair Business works exclusively with state of the art greenhouse technology which uses solar power, a vertical hanging solution to maximise growing space and an inbuilt irrigation system to increase the yield of crops. The technology also allows harvest to continue through the winter months.

Currently in NSW Fair Business is progressing a joint venture to deliver vocational training to everyone from refugees to former inmates in order to rebuild their confidence in social interactions and transition them back into the work force.

Fair Business intends to replicate its solution in communities in Australia and abroad that have a need for organic produce and a sustainable local enterprise.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Fair Business if this model suits the needs of your organisation or community.