Using bush medicine for ‘true healing’ of mental health

Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup are offering traditional healing via bush medicine to struggling young Indigenous people. Photo: Tom Robinson, Katherine Times.

Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup have launched a garden of traditional Jawoyn bush foods and medicines to offer “true healing” to young Indigenous people struggling with their mental health.

The group name is Kriol for “strong women group” and the project was led by female Jawoyn Elders in the Katherine region.

The garden was constructed over six months in partnership with Save the Children and Food Ladder with funds from an NT Health suicide prevention grant.

All of the garden’s plants grow on Jawoyn country and include Jirr (Native Lemongrass), Pilangpilang (Melastoma) and Woyoj (White Bush Apple).

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